Pacific Press Technologies

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Pacific Press, the once heralded manufacturer of presses, press brakes and shears, had new machine sales stuck in the low single digits but with robust service and parts offerings. In 2013, new owners purchased the firm with hopes of advancing the company’s active parts department by continuing to service the thousands of Pacific Press machines still in use around the world.

Popskull was hired to help the new ownership identify Pacific Press’s brand strategy, as well as create a new online presence and sales collateral. Through our brand strategy work we uncovered a compelling insight. Pacific Press still held a strong reputation in the marketplace: Pacific Press machines were more durable and ran longer than the competition. And when it came time for the inevitable service call, Pacific Press’s U.S.-based service teams and parts manufacturing were there to make sure you were up and running faster than anyone. In short, we discovered that Pacific Press delivered “Uptime” to each and every factory floor they grace. This understanding enabled the management team to see potential in the new machine side of the business that had once been considered dead. The unique insight we uncovered and the subsequent rebranding shifted the new owners’ mindset about the organization and its potential. Using the strategy, management took a new look at sales teams, focused their advertising spend, and solidified the company culture which resulted in 50%+ sales growth in the first year.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Trade Show Design
  • Sales Collateral