Galter LifeCenter

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The Galter LifeCenter, one of the first medical fitness facilities in Chicago, offers a lot more than just barbells and treadmills. Powered by the medical know-how at Swedish Covenant Hospital, the fitness center delivers highly trained staff to its high level of amenities, classes and facilities. Once a shining, lone star in its neighborhood, Galter has been facing rising competition from other gyms, spas and studios that are cropping up in the developing area.

After thoroughly researching the competitive space, local demographics and the Galter LifeCenter itself, including secret shopper visits, Popskull uncovered the Common Ground between the fitness center and its target markets. Popskull then developed a unique campaign that only GLC could offer, differentiating them from the stiff competition in the neighborhood. After the initiative launched, enrollment increased by 50% versus previous advertising creative.

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