Tramontina USA, a high-quality cookware and houseware manufacturer, wanted to launch their first round of consumer-facing marketing, specifically to increase sales of their Tri-Ply Clad Gourmet Cookware line. With the insight that their consumers want to be a better cooks, Popskull developed a creative campaign, illustrating Tramontina as an accessible line of pots and pans that helps you elevate your skill level in the kitchen.

In six weeks, Popskull developed and launched two :30 spots, two :06 lifts, and a Google display ad campaign intended to reflect the simple notion that small victories in the kitchen are always sweet. After 90 days, Google reported that the campaign received a 39.2% View Through Rate, 48.1% Brand Awareness, and a best-in-class result of 90.5% Purchase Consideration.

  • Creative Development
  • Display Ads
  • Video Production